Railway shipping

Express Trans-Shipment Services carries out railway shipments by the container as well as any type of wagon. It is years that our company actively cooperates with Railway Departments of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and countries of Central Asia. We have great experience in loading wagons safely and in high level and delivering it to the destination place.

Our service includes:

  • Terminal Service;
  • Positioning of the wagon in time, checking and loading;
  • Discharging cargo from container wagon and on the contrary;
  • Effective positioning of goods in the wagon;
  • Cargo lashing and sealing wagon;
  • Customs procedures and provision with documents;
  • Shipment of any type of container and out of gauge cargo;
  • Shipment of the wagon by ferryboat;
  • Insuring cargo in case of need;
  • Providing customer with detailed information.
  • Providing surveyor services.